WILD and the CITY

Conference + Fieldtrip

Department of Architecture | Roma Tre University Rome | October 4-6, 2018

Urban Nature, far from the oxymoron it has always been in the Western civilization, is today widely reclaimed by contemporary culture as the best antidote if we hope to save the planet, plagued by the excesses of urbanization. According to this trend, wilderness in the city is perhaps the last frontier, because it definitively represents the most ‘natural nature’ we can conceive and the unquestionable polar opposite of urbanity. Someone —among designers, scholars, artists, scientists, businessmen, politicians— has adopted this perspective as the only way to urban deliverance, unsheathing with a quite ideological ardor the swords of biodiversity and ecology; someone else has embraced the cause of merging wildness and urbanity as an opportunist chance for new successful merchandise in the global urban market; someone, on the contrary, is very suspicious and skeptical. What is certain is that the time has come to rethink the wild and, through it, to rethink the city, in regard with the ethical and aesthetical values of our current modern society. Twenty years after the Paris conference Sauvage dans la ville. De l’inventaire naturaliste a l’ecologie urbaine and ten years after the Dumburton Oaks symposium Designing Wildlife Habitats, WILD and the CITY aims to boost debating, through an international conference and a fieldtrip in the sylva of Rome.

Please, download here the W&C booklet and program.


Francesco Careri, Annalisa Metta, Maria Livia Olivetti