Wild and the City Roma in Latium Latere/Hiding Rome in the Latium

Walk starting point at Stazione Tiburtina Subway Entrance
Rome, October 6, 2018

Convener: Francesco Careri

The esoteric expression Roma in Latium Latere symbolizes the fact that eternity of Rome is linked in its relationship to the wild region that surrounds it, the Latium, where in moments of decay the city hides, waiting to regenerate itself. The journey will explore, trying to rewind, the system of lost relationships between the chaotic and overcrowded metropolis, and what Stalker called in the 90es the Actual Territories. The walk will be a full contact trip into the wild. The aim is to investigate wilderness in the city by the direct experience of it. It’s a collective walk on the wild side of Rome, searching for wilderness from different points of view. For instance, wild is any remnants of pristine ecosystems and Rome is —perhaps surprisingly— full of large and abundant shreds of its primeval environment, even in the core of the city, where you can see the “landscape of Rome before Rome”, virtually untouched by humans. Another complementary opportunity is relying on wild as the ecosystems high-level self-organization, that may be achieved even after human-mediated shifts in environmental conditions. This is what Kowarik calls the “fourth nature”: accepting self-organization as a way to define naturalness allows addressing novel ecosystems that emerge in urban space as natural, even though they usually diverge profoundly from pristine landscapes. This is the case of the uncountable contemporary ruins dotting Rome, where lush vegetation is digesting buildings and infrastructures. But this idea suggests also the chance to look at people and their unpredictable, creative and self-oriented behaviors on the wild side as part of what we call nature, indeed. Wild is a refuge in a city all-over controlled and anesthetized by the hysteria of security and the fear of diversity. (L. Romito)


Pathfinders: Giorgio de Finis, Guillaume Monsaingeon, Lorenzo Romito


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